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Isagenix interviews Herb and Patty about
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Featured Millionaire Success Story:

When Herb and Patty of New York set a goal of earning the distinguished recognition of 5-Star Golden Circle within the first 10 months of starting their Isagenix® business, they were not quite sure just what they had committed to. While others thought this was a "lofty" goal, their commitment, perseverance and hard work paid off. Because they're "so fired up," the couple achieved their goals and are now Isagenix Millionaires, too.

Herb and Patty are veteran network marketers with 20 years of experience as top earners in three previous companies. Even with their success, they were frustrated with the structure of the companies and ended up leaving the industry to develop their own professional coaching business.

"Our criterion for working with any company is that they must rank a '10' in five different areas," explains Patty. "The company, products, compensation plan, training and timing/growth potential."

They vowed not to be affiliated with any company and focus solely on their coaching business. But all that changed when they heard about Isagenix. Patty did an initial company criteria check and then ordered the products to try them.

"Isagenix met all of the criteria and the products are the finest super foods we had ever tasted," says Patty. "It was the first time we saw true network marketing with the products impacting people and their health."

Patty and Herb jumped in and took immediate action in starting their Isagenix business. They called everyone they knew, hosted home presentations and led each one by discussing the business opportunity.

"Too much analysis always causes paralysis," explains Herb. "We took massive action and learned more about the products and the business in the process."

The Spring 2011 issue of IsaNews has this to say:

Their business model took on a whole new level when they met Isagenix Millionaire Kirk Metz and learned the product approach. Kirk's model focused on sharing the potential of Isagenix products to change people's lives.

'We were so focused on the business, but leading with the product opened a whole new avenue for us,' shares Patty. 'We now focus on both the product and the business opportunity and let people decide what they are most comfortable with.'

Next, the pair considered attending some Isagenix events. Patty was hesitant at first to attend the 2007 'Changing Lives' Celebration because she didn't want to break away from the momentum that was growing their business. She finally decided to attend after a bit of coercing from her enroller and 6-Star Golden Circle and Isagenix Millionaire Bette. Bette had invited Patty to several special dinners and events for the top achievers and she was amazed at the number of people she met who were earning six- and seven-figure incomes who had never done anything like this before.

One activity at Celebration brought them back to where they first began with Isagenix. They were asked to write down a goal they hoped to achieve by the next year's event. Patty scribbled down "6-Star Golden Circle and Millionaire Circle" without hesitation.

Their unwavering confidence and hard work is proving its effectiveness yet again. Not only have they continued to build their business in amazing ways, but they were also recognized as "Rising Stars" at the 2008 "Commitment to Greatness" Celebration for their incredible accomplishments in such a short amount of time.

"It's important to take consistent and persistent action toward attaining a written goal," says Herb. "And when you reach that goal, always have another one in mind and go get it."

Tips for Business Success:

Your business boils down to two things: connecting and presenting. Make both a priority.

Keep it simple! Show the plan, your story, the company story, and the compensation plan.

Plug into an environment through your team, coaching and continuous training that will feed your mind. The ideal environment has enthusiasm, inspiration, education, commitment, forecasting, and is continually evolving.

Treat your business like big business and it will pay you as such. If you treat it like a hobby, or a part-time venture, it will pay you that way.

Take the business seriously, but have fun and enjoy the journey. It's just as rewarding as the financial compensation.

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Herb and Patty Cepeda!!!

18 Star Golden Circle
21 Star Platinum

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#1 Income Earners Worldwide

Isagenix's 39th Millionaires!!!
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February 2015 – currently 28 years in the industry.

Patty and Herb FIRE UP Mexico!


from a team member... Sometimes I wonder if everyone really realizes what we have here...

For instance, did you know there are people who have joined Patty's team based solely on the strength of her reputation as a world class business coach? Yes, the products were just a bonus! There is no money value you can put on this caliber of training. We are blessed to have access to it just by virtue of the fact that we are on the Cepeda Express Isagenix team.

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